Multifamily Passive Investment Opportunity

IN PLACE & LA VENTANA - 167 Unit Portfolio

located In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Projected Investor Returns

  • 80%+ total returns in 5 years

  • 8%+ average annual cash flow

  • 14%+ IRR (3-5 year hold)

  • 100% bonus depreciation

Minimum Investment & Total Equity Raise

  • $50,000 minimum investment

  • ~$4,050,000 estimated equity raise

This investment opportunity is for 506(b) accredited or sophisticated investors only.

 Market Overview


  • Substantial Population Gains - Dallas-Forth Worth population growth in recent years ranks among the highest in the U.S. for a major metro.

  • Large Corporation Base - the Metroplex is home to 21 Fortune 500 Companies and many regional headquarters, further fueled by a rise in financial services and high-tech companies, drawing both workers and residents.

  • One of the Nation’s Largest Employment Markets - with nearly 3.6 million jobs.

  • Remarkably Low Unemployment Rate - The Metroplex consistently maintains a remarkably low unemployment rate, coupled with the one of the nation’s leading employment growth, making Dallas-Fort Worth two of the most desirable places to live and invest in the country.

  • Above Average Job Growth - the area is forecast to add jobs at an annual rate of 1.5 percent, well above the U.S. level, and is one of the nation’s best performing labor markets across the country.

  • Major Distribution Center - the area’s extensive network of rail and highway along with the International Inland Port of Dallas ensure its status as a major distribution hub.

  • Recession Resilient - Dallas is one of the most recession resilient Multifamily Markets in the nation.

  • Landlord Friendly State - Texas is one of the nation’s most pro-landlord states.


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{80 unit community located in North Dallas near Love Field Airport}


{87 unit community located in East Dallas North of Interstate-30}

Property Highlights & Features

  • Well located, eye catching exteriors, both with day-one yields and opportunity for substantial NOI growth.

  • Over 1.5MM and over 1.6MM spent on capital improvements on In Place & La Ventana respectively, with focused improvements to exteriors and infrastructure.

  • Pitched roofs replaced on both properties in 2014, both have individual HVACs and copper wiring.

  • Value Add Opportunity – most units updated over 7 years ago, providing opportunity to update units to help increase rents, as well as several opportunities to add and improve upon current amenities and make current operations more economically efficient.

  • Opportunity to drastically reduce utility expenses with water savings plan, being all bills paid properties, and savings going direct to bottom line.

  • Current in-place rents are significantly below submarket averages. Both properties are poised for significant revenue growth via organic rent increases.

Portfolio Gallery

| CapEx Renderings |

a glimpse into some of our planned improvements

           Business Plan          

  Capital Expenditures Strategy

  • Emphasis on bringing building safety to a higher standard.

  • Install sophisticated surveillance/camera system & exterior lighting throughout to increase security.

  • Audit & optimize management and efficiencies throughout to increase overall savings and help increase NOI.

  • Further improve exteriors, address deferred maintenance & bring to a more premium standard.

  • Improve current exterior/common area amenities such as landscape, BBQ grilling stations, picnic tables, play equipment, etc.

  • Add more covered/reserved parking, improve parking lot surfaces, drainage, grading & walkways.

  • Implement utility & water conservations plans to reduce utility expenses and increase bottom line savings.

  • Interior improvements include: new LVP flooring, upgraded cabinetry w/new hardware, resurfacing “popcorn” ceilings.

  • Rebrand both buildings, and replace existing signage with newly designed illuminated signage.

              Meet the Sponsorship Team                  

Our team has extensive experience in multifamily acquisitions, development and operations. Our combined experience includes:

  • General Partners, Key Principals & Limited Partners in over 2700 units

  • Development & Construction of ground up multifamily & industrial projects totaling 10,000 units.

  • Experience in overseeing all aspects of multifamily operations including acquisition, disposition/restructuring, entitlement and subdivision and asset management of 9,600 units.

David & Brenda Mas

David and Brenda Mas have over 40 years of combined multi-family experience. David has been responsible for the development & construction of large-scale ground-up multi-family & industrial projects for some of the world’s largest REITs and institutions with over 10,000 units built. Brenda has overseen all aspects of multifamily operations from acquisitions, development, through disposition/restructuring of nearly 5,000 multi-family units. Her experience includes the entitlement of 3,000 units, subdivision of 800 units, and the successful asset management of multiple multi-family portfolios totaling over 800 doors. They’re invested in nearly 1,000 doors.

David Mas | 323.833.7733 |
Brenda Mas | 323.573.7215 |


John Wei

John Wei has been a Financial Planner, helping individuals and families plan for their financial future the past 18 years. As a true fiduciary, John strongly believes that in multifamily/ apartment investing, one can achieve great fortune with significant tax savings. John has been investing in multifamily for the past 3-4 years and is currently a Limited Partner in 327 units. He looks forward to building an empire with his multifamily syndication team while helping other aspiring investors invest more prudently.

John Wei | 650.889.8388 |


Michael & Denise O’Reilly

Michael and Denise O'Reilly are invested in 1033 doors in Texas and Arizona as GP’s, KP’s and LP’s. Michael has been an Institutional Wall Street Stock Broker for over 23 years, working with the largest agency only block trading firm in North America -­ with an emphasis in Event Driven Merger Arbitrage, SPAC, Biotech and Program Trading. Michael currently holds series 7, 63 and 55 securities licenses. Denise has been a Licensed Real Estate Professional in the state of California for 15 years, with a focus on property sales/property management, previously holding series 6 and 63 securities licenses. Together they have owned, managed and flipped investment properties since 1998, and own and operate a senior care facility in the Napa Valley.

Michael O’Reilly | 818.601.5147 | Denise O’Reilly | 818.932.8100 |


Key Principals

Daniel & Anna Cote

Daniel and Anna Cote are accredited investors who have been investing in real estate since 2003. Their current portfolio includes multiple single-family homes and they are limited partners in three multi-family syndications totaling 376 units across Texas and Florida. Anna's educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and Architecture and she has been a Land Planner focusing on Subdivision Land Development. Daniel is a seasoned Oil and Gas HR professional with 22 years working for international energy companies. His most recent work includes working with the largest National Oil Company in the Middle East.

Daniel Cote | 713.370.4416 | |
Anna Cote | 281.891.0022 |

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David Mas | 323.833.7733 |
Brenda Mas | 323.573.7215 |  


John Wei | 650.889.8388 |  


Michael O’Reilly | 818.601.5147 | Denise O’Reilly | 818.932.8100

this investment opportunity is for 506 (b) accredited or sophisticated investors only

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